Gwyneth MacDonough

Gwyneth MacDonough is a rising senior at Wachusett Regional High School.  For the past two years, she has been researching major nutritional problems using Drosophila melanogaster.  This year, she was selected as an ISEF finalist due to her work testing nutritional intervention to treat malnutrition.  In addition, Gwyneth mentors students in STEM through the Eureka program at her school.

Yash Sahoo

Yash is a rising senior who researches organic solar cells at Umass Lowell. He is working on the application of dopants and thermoelectric polymers to develop cheaper cells and was published in Materials Chemistry. Yash recently received a 1st place Chemistry award from Sanofi-Genzyme at a science fair. He is also a Marjot Foundation research scholar for 2020.

Aakash Sunkari

Aakash Sunkari is a rising senior researching nanobiotechnology, hypersonics, and portable nuclear reactor technology. Sunkari submitted his reactor design to the Army, which also received the Naval Undersea Warfare Center Innovation Award. He received awards from Northeastern University and MIT Lincoln Laboratories. Sunkari is an ISEF alumni, US Navy STEM program counselor, and STEM program founder at his local library.

Ellia Sweeney

Ellia is a senior interested in genetics and oncology. She has won several awards in various STEM competitions, becoming an ISEF Finalist for her work testing the effect of epigallocatechin gallate on tumor cells. Ellia is dedicated to mentoring the next generation of innovators, helping lead a robotics program and working for STEM camps and Project CLEAR, training medical professionals.

Ananthan Sadagopan

Ananthan is a rising senior interested in chemistry and biology. He qualified for the 2020 IChO and has several publications in areas including computational chemistry and immunology based on his work at Northeastern University and Harvard Medical School. He has participated in several research competitions, notably receiving a 4th place award in biochemistry at ISEF.

Hailee Sorensen

Hailee is a senior at Ohio University studying biological sciences. Her works focuses on understanding the genetic regulation of the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus and how it is responsible for causing staph infections. She aims to identify novel drug targets in order to combat the growing issue of antibiotic resistant bacteria. She is also a 2020 Goldwater scholar.

Elizabeth Lesher

Elizabeth has worked on epidemiological research to identify risk factors for the common cold, placing 2nd at MSEF, 1st at Massachusetts’ Region V fair, receiving the American Society of Microbiology Award, and was selected as a 2020 ISEF finalist. In addition, Elizabeth participated in WAVE, MIT’s HSSP and Zero Robotics, and received a National Honorable Mention from NCWIT’s AiC competition.

Ritvik Pulya

Ritvik is a rising senior working on improving PCNL surgery using multimodal registration techniques, quantifying breast cancer risk using neural networks, and investigating medical applications of Augmented Reality at Harvard Medical School. He has received several awards from local science fairs and qualified for the National JSHS  competition last year.