Non-invasive Technique in Determining the In-situ Temperature of Ferrofluid for Magnetic Hyperthermia Treatment

By Asiya Karim

The use of magnetic hyperthermia in the treatment of tumors has become a rapidly growing field. The technique involves the injection of magnetic nanoparticles like Ferrofluid into tumor cells followed by the application of an external alternating magnetic field. The resulting temperature rise in the Ferrofluid is utilized to destroy the tumor cells. One of the obvious parameters researchers are interested in is the temperature achieved in-situ and the time needed for this temperature to be achieved. Knowing these parameters will facilitate the optimization of the treatment through preserving good cells while also providing important temperature feedback. It is vastly preferable to determine the temperature non-invasively for several reasons. Measuring the temperature of the Ferrofluid inside the body is a complex problem. This is because there are many dynamic variables involved such as capillary flow, the thermal properties of tissues, and location. The purpose of this project is to present a new, non-invasive method to determine and control the Ferrofluid temperature in a tumor located within the body through the analysis of temperature vs. power graphs.

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